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Sunday (Open gym)

February 18, 2018

Open gym

General warm up

Complete any of the following

A.) Row 1k
B.) 800m run x 2 rest 1:1
C.) Bike 5-8 min at Z3 - Z4 pace

Pillar prep
7 min of
10 empty bar thrusters
10 burpees (moderate pace) concentrate on form
10 walking lunges
5 Strict T2B (sit ups or planks for :45)

Remember the pillar is just a full body stimulator. Try to work up a sweat but be able to hold a conversation.

Gymnastics ; pick any of the following
- pull ups
- Muscle ups (bar or rings)
- Handstands
- HS walks
- HS Push ups
- Toes 2 bar
For any just ask Coaches for a prescribes Skill session for you! Everyone will be different.

Stay light we continue the squat cycle Monday use 65-75% of 1rm to work on form! Perfect the movement. All movements in the gym come from 2 major lifts the Clean and Jerk and Snatch.

Either of the lifts use the following sets and reps

6 sets of 3
Remember the barbell isn’t a met con! Don’t try to go fast. Move with intention but efficiently.

Energy systems

Row 250 Z4 efforts (all out)
10 KB swings 70/53#
10 burpees over the rower
5 rounds resting 3 min between sets
Try to keep each round around 5-10 seconds of each other.

15 min EMOM
Every 3 min perform
30 Double unders
20 UB wall balls 20/14#
10 UB pull ups
With remaining time perform HS push ups
Rest 1 min

Row 5k (2:05-2:20)
Every 1000m come off perform 5 Worlds greatest stretch each side.
After you complete your 5k perform 10 min of myofacial recovery (foam roll) hold on tender spots for :30-:45 seconds
You can do the bike as well. Remember it’s recovery not a WOD this will be done in Z2 or 65-75% HR to promote recovery

Core / Stability
KB pull throughs
12-16 x 3 sets

Turkish get ups
12 alt x 4 sets

Accumulate 5 min

GHD sit ups
20 x 3

Tabata hollow holds

Remember guys these are suggestions if you want to waits on something specific just ask one of the coaches and they will help you! We hope you enjoy Open gym and don’t forget to check in on Facebook.  


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