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January 4, 2018

Warm up 

Coach Led 


Strength / Skill 

The “Gaga complex” - if you don’t know what “Gaga” means look it up it’s a word from Guam.


Power clean + Fronts squat + Push Press + Jerk


Build your heaviest complex in 13 minutes 



10 overhead squats 135/85#

20 Air squats (these aren’t a throw away movement) do them right and virtuous)

30 box jumps 


10 min cap 




Results come from being consistent. The best way to be consistent is to stop all the non sense, have no excuses, and have a support system like a great gym who won’t let you fall off the wagon! 

This is one of our girls who makes time for herself no matter how busy she gets! Good job! 








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