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The best stretch / warm up routine

December 12, 2017

Ever wonder what is a good warm up to do. There is a good stretch you can always add in to your routine at the gym. Its called the "Worlds Greatest Stretch" when done correctly its an amazing all around opener and a lot of moving parts to get the body moving and warm. 


Start out in the standing position, 

Step out into a lunge and take the front leg arm and put your elbow to the groin

Twist into the leg in front and get some thoracic rotation 

Then lean back and point your toes to your nose

Repeat for each side until satisfied 


It's best when you put this in between some warm up 


For example 

run 400m at a Z3 rate 

10 burpees (moderately fast)

10 air squats (nice and deep)

then worlds greatest stretch (WGS)

2-3 rounds 


This would be a general warm up done before your specific warm up for the workout you are going to perform for this day. 


Remember a mobile body is a happy body!!!


Happy HOLIDAYS & Merry Christmas!!




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