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Why is Cardiovascular fitness important?

December 11, 2017

Fitness has evolved from dancing in your living room to awesome fitness classes! 


The American Heart association recommends high intensity workouts to improve longevity and decrease cardiovascular disease. Why not come to the best gym in Cove that specializes in this type of workouts! We have been since 2010! Changing lives! Check out our before and afters on our Facebook page! 


Before & Afters  


Credit for the image heart.org 


Now keep in mind everyone’s level of fitness is different and we advise you see a certified trainer or health professional to see where you are with cardiovascular health. Examples of test for cardiovascular health are “rockport walk” “1 mile test” YMCA step test”.


Those are some ways to see where you are with your cardiovascular health. It is paramount to know where you are to ensure you start off on a safe program. Not everyone will be on the same level. Everyone will have a certain range of intensity to workout in. If you are out of shape and seriously deconditioned please visit your doctors office and get some test done and ask if it safe to start exercising and get a plan in motion. 


If you need to be tested or would like to start working out. We have certified trainers who can help get you started.  Visit our website and contact us to get started on a new and fitter you! Click on link below. 


Schedule a consultation 


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