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200m run

10m high knees

10m butt kicks

10m bear crawl

10m backward bear crawl

10 jump squats

rest 2 min repeat as much as you need to get warm

+ Stretch & hydrate


Shoulder warm-up

10 big circles forward & back

10 I's and Y swings

repeat as needed


Bench Press

5 x 5 @ 75% of 1RM across all sets

*If you do not have a bench or bar, that's ok! You can do floor presses with anything!

Floor press

5 sets of 10-12 reps (things you can use like a small child or small spouse)

rest 30-60 seconds btw sets


15-9-6-3 for time

Front squats 135/95#

Ring dips

Perform 15 front squats and then 15 dips and then 9 and 9 etc....

* If you do not have a bar you can use a book bag, sandbag, duffle bag, or anything you can hold in front of you and somewhat hug*

*If you do not have rings you can use a box, the couch, even push-ups would suffice here. Be creative if you need any help please comment or message us on our Facebook for faster a reply. Stay moving to stay healthy!

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