• Coach Ben


Warm up

5-7 min jog

** If you have a rower or bike feel free**

Gradually increase heart rate (effort) get warm

Strength / Skill

16 min EMOM

Even - 1 snatch (any variation)

Odd - 4 hang power cleans @ 60% of 1RM

** If you do not have all the weight use what you have, increase the reps if you'd like**

Garage version

16 min EMOM

Even - 1 vertical jump (straight leg)

Odd - 4 broad jumps

Rest in the remainder of the minute. Think very explosive!


3 rounds for time

10 Lunges (L+R = 1)

20 Sit-ups

30 Air squats

40 Push-ups

50 Jumping jacks

60 seconds exactly of REST walking

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