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Group Classes Daily

September 2019

  • 2 x a week - $110.00 / mo.

  • 3 x a week - $135.00 / mo.

  • Unlimited   - $160.00 / mo.

These prices reflect a 3-month commitment. Before you pick a package you will need to have a consult to ensure it's a fit for you. The consult is a $50.00 one time fee and not applied to your membership. 

Sports Performance

September 2019

  • 2 x a week - $180.00 / mo. 

This is a case by case basis. All sports specific athletes require a consult w/ a coach first. The consulting cost is $50.00 one time fee and not included with your membership.  

ID (Individual Design)

September 2019

Contact for more details on personalized programs to fit your needs and goals. Set up a consult w/  Coach Ben and get started on your specific goals! This can be remote or on-site. Consult cost is $50.00.